Have you or a friend or family member been arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

Attorney Pamala J. Favreau can help you navigate the legal consequences that begin upon your arrest for operating under the influence and those that result if you are convicted.

Connecticut General Statutes section 14-227a removes much of the discretion normally afforded to prosecutors and the court in prosecuting and crafting dispositions in criminal cases. The defendant's motor vehicle history determines whether they will be treated as a first, second, or third offender. Convictions outside of Connecticut count for the purpose of this classification of offenders.

The statute provides for mandatory minimum jail sentences, followed by mandatory periods of probation and mandatory fines if convicted. A judge may not suspend or reduce the mandatory minimum sentence set forth in section 14-227a. The Department of Motor Vehicles also takes action to suspend your right to drive independently and in addition to any penalties resulting in the criminal court.

There is hope! The Legislature has provided a court diversionary program for first time offenders and for those who have not used this program, or a substantially similar program outside of the State of Connecticut, within the past ten years. Additionally, there are some creative defenses that may be available to you if you are not a first offender.

Attorney Favreau has handled hundreds of operating under the influence cases throughout her career. Attorney Pam Favreau will help you mitigate the negative collateral consequences associated with arrest or conviction for operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs given all the particular facts of your case. Call her now at 860-634-1767 for a free initial consultation.

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