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Experienced Counsel In Sexual Assault

Some of the most difficult cases in the judicial system are sexual assault cases. Whether you are accused of committing a sex offense or whether you are a survivor of sexual assault, you need the assistance of a dedicated attorney to navigate the judicial process and explore all of your options with you in order to obtain the best outcome possible.

Victims Of Sexual Assault

Victims of sexual assault face a long healing process, both physically and emotionally. Going through a trial and facing your attacker is difficult. But having a caring, compassionate attorney by your side during the proceedings makes the process easier. Attorney Pamala Favreau puts her considerable experience to work for victims of sexual assault.

Those Accused Of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a serious crime. Even being accused of this type of crime can do extreme damage to your reputation, and by extension, your job, your ability to find housing and more. You need a dedicated attorney to defend you against these charges.

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