Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is generally defined in Connecticut as the use of physical violence or the threatened use of physical violence against a family member.

A family member for purposes of the domestic violence laws in Connecticut means any of the following persons: spouses or former spouses, parents or their children, persons related by blood or marriage, and other persons residing together or who have resided together, persons who have a child in common, and persons who are in or have recently been in a dating relationship. 

Connecticut treats family violence crimes very seriously. Unfortunately, the best was to proceed in court after a domestic violence arrest is counterintuitive to what most arrested lay persons believe is in their best interest. That is why you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer like Attorney Pamala J. Favreau to help you extract yourself from the legal quagmire you will find yourself in after an arrest for a Domestic Violence Crime.

An arrest for domestic violence will usually results in the issuance of a criminal protective order against the accused on behalf of the family member who made the domestic violence complaint even if that person was also arrested. Once a criminal protective order issues against the defendant at their arraignment on the domestic violence crime, they are prohibited from possessing any firearms or ammunition. This is true even if prior to the arrest the weapons were possessed legally by the defendant and the domestic violence crime charged did not involve the use of a firearm. 

A criminal protective order may also require that the arrested person live outside the home until the court orders otherwise pending the disposition of their case. This is true even if they are the sole owner and financially responsible for the home or the sole person named and financially responsible on the lease for any rental home.

Although you may have only been arrested for a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, if you violate the criminal protective order issued at your arraignment you can be charged with the felony offense of violating a criminal protective order.

There is a Domestic Violence Education Program available which is a pretrial diversionary program that will result in a dismissal of the charges, if granted by the court and successfully completed by the defendant, but repeated violations of domestic violence laws usually result in severe consequences including incarceration.

It is very important to seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense lawyer like Attorney Pamala J. Favreau to help you traverse the strict procedural process and laws followed by the court in Domestic Violence cases in Connecticut. Call Attorney Pam Favreau now for a free initial consultation. 860-634-1767

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