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Motor Vehicle Offenses

DMV/ Motor vehicle charges, if not handled properly, can result in conviction and loss of your right to drive in Connecticut increasing your insurance premiums. Attorney Pam Favreau provides effective representation for all motor vehicle matters ranging from a speeding ticket to DUI and Vehicular Homicide. Many people think that they can handle most minor motor vehicle charges on their own only to find themselves on the phone with an attorney after their first court appearance seeking representation at a trial before a Magistrate. Don’t go that route. It will cost you more money in the long run.


Call Attorney Pam Favreau before you make a decision to handle a motor vehicle matter in Court on your own. Even if you are just ticketed, call Attorney Favreau before you mail the ticket into the Department of Motor Vehicles with the fine money.

DMV and Criminal Infractions

Some seemingly unimportant motor vehicle and criminal infractions can result in suspension of your right to drive in Connecticut. Unfortunately this happens all too often with college students who do not want to burden their parents with what they perceive as a minor motor vehicle matter and who try to handle the case themselves.

There are many alternatives to prosecution and trial. Attorney Pamala J. Favreau will help you explore your options and settle your matter in a way that minimizes the consequences as much as possible. However, if a trial of your matter is the only reasonable option, let Attorney Pamala J. Favreau’s experience work for you in the courtroom. Call her today for a quick consult before trying to do it on your own. Attorney Pamala J. Favreau will help you determine the best approach to your case in order to receive the most favorable outcome possible.

Call Attorney Favreau today at 860-634-1767 or after hours at 860-634-1767.

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