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Domestic Violence

Connecticut takes domestic violence crimes very seriously. If you are accused and arrested for a crime such as breach of peace, disorderly conduct, assault or a variety of other charges due to an argument with a spouse, sibling, parent, significant other, or past romantic partner you will be subject to the domestic violence laws in this State.

The Police can order you to reside outside of any residence you share with the complainant and to have no contact with them before you are even presented in court. The Court can issue a new Protective order once you are presented. These Protective orders can be issued by the Court over the objection of the complainant in certain cases based on input from the Prosecutor, Victim’s Advocate, and Office of Family Relations. Once a Protective Order is issued by the Police or the Court you cannot possess or have access to any firearms you are otherwise legally entitled to.

A violation of this type of Protective Order constitutes a class D felony and carries up to five years in jail even if the original charge for which you were arrested is a misdemeanor. The Protective Order issued by a Court in Connecticut is valid in other states. Any conviction for a domestic violence crime can result in the loss of your constitutional right to bear arms.

Attorney Pamala J. Favreau is an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will guide you through the criminal justice system in the wake of these charges. Don’t think that you can go into court and simply explain the incident away. Call Attorney Favreau for a consultation before you make that first court appearance. Attorney Favreau can help you protect your right to your home and your property and help you avoid prosecution and conviction in many cases.

Call Attorney Favreau today at 860-634-1767. You will be glad you did.

A divorce can evoke the worst in otherwise reasonable people. Often time’s one party seeks an advantage in a divorce or custody case by picking arguments with their spouse and calling the police. Do not let this happen to you. Walk away from any argument before it turns into a physical confrontation particularly if you are presently engaged in divorce or custody litigation. Interpersonal conflict can lead ordinarily law abiding people into obsessive/compulsive behavior. Underlying power and control issues coupled with financial stressors can cause people who are absolutely reasonable in every other area of their life to say and do things they would otherwise never even consider. A Restraining Order against a spouse in a divorce can also be obtained on the Family side of the court without any arrest. These Restraining Orders have the same effect on your rights and the same consequences as a Criminal Protective Order if violated.

Call attorney Pamala J. Favreau to discuss your options before or after a divorce complaint is served. She will help you preserve your assets and minimize the impact divorce can have on any minor children involved.

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